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Free Music for Videos

A library of 300 loops for the singer, rapper, musician or producer.  These loops were originally designed for rappers I was working alongside to incorporate into their music. They do not have to be limited to Hip Hop music though, as they are basically tracks broken down into stems that can be mixed and matched into different variations of your choosing. If you have a new composition and are looking for some inspiring sounds, you can use these loops in your music in any way that you see fit.  Use them to inspire your own original music or just as free music for videos you create on YouTube.  Because they are royalty free loops, you aren’t limited.

This volume is broken down into folders categorized by Beats Per Minute (BPM), within them containing five additional folders that have 2 complete loops including their stems.

This Volume was put together in Stems format. What this means is, while I have provided you with loops, the loops are tracked out separately as well. For instance, you can use the drum loop in one section of your song by itself, BUT you can also mix and match it with different loops to create a completely new section of your song as you please. However, not every single instrument is tracked out individually. That would require a lot more space on the disc and would limit the amount of complete loops that you are acquiring.

These loops can be used with the labels I have provided, or in any setting or style you choose.  Don’t feel limited by the title of the tracks. What may sound like a Hip Hop beat to me, may spark a completely different vibe in your head. Therefore, my Hip Hop beat can inspire your next alternative rock tune or electronic dance music track.

Copyright Free Music for Youtube

Not a singer, rapper, musician or producer? Are you a filmmaker? YouTube video producer?  Use these loops as a soundtrack to your visual creations! Since I have provided the beats per minute (bpm), you should have no problem syncing these loops with your visual project.With today’s technology, not only can you use these loops with just about any Digital Audio Workstation, but you can also adjust the tempo to fit your taste.

You don’t have to worry about legal issues with these loops, we created this copyright free music for YouTube and any other content creation needs.

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