Is it too late for me to become the proud recipient of a piece of paper that tells the world I am in debt?  I would love to be able to get my hands on one, but do I really need one?  Do I want to be that old fella sitting in a classroom filled a bunch of kiddies?  I really just want the knowledge to get better at what I do.  For me it’s that simple.  I want to get better at what I do and I don’t need a piece of paper to tell me I am.

Too old school for school

The 11th grade version of me didn’t think college was a great option.  That 11th grade kid knew what he wanted and didn’t hesitate to let anyone know what his plans were after graduating.  I knew that I would playing music and traveling the world one day.  College was not the answer for me.  I felt it was something that people looking to become doctors and lawyers should do.  I still feel that way but as many teachers and mentors have said before, you never stop learning.

It seems every year after my 23rd birthday I found myself applying to schools.  I would apply to a trade school like Musician’s Institute or a community college only to find a reason, excuse to back out.  Sometimes it was the gig that was gonna open doors and other times it was a momentary career change so I could return to making music and getting paid for it.  Getting paid for it is far better than being in debt.  Whether I’m buying gear or going to school I have to spend money.  Buying gear is an investment in my success so I can sleep better at night knowing that.  School is also an investment though.

Today I am in front of my computer considering going to school just as I did last year.  I’m no spring chicken so the thought of being in a class room with a bunch of teens and early 20 somethings isn’t the most exciting thing.  So why do I want to go back this time around?  Planet Mischief is my baby and I want to place us in the best position to succeed by being better prepared and having the knowledge to pass on to others.  I believe it is well worth it.  Planet Mischief will be better for it and I will be a much better music maker by going back.

So how about you?  Do you feel you’re too old to get back into it?  No matter what your age is, do you think it’s worth it?