Music Production Has Halted

So. You’ve broken the bank to acquire all the gear and software you need for your music production startup. You’ve spent tireless nights learning new tools. You’ve spent emotional and physical energy making music that you believe is worth a damn. But now, Logic Pro X, or your other DAW (digital audio workstation) falters because there is something wrong it or with the computer. You made sure at the get-go that your computer was powerful, your software was compatible, and that your workflow was streamlined. In short, you made sure to be a logical human being. But these problems arise not because of logic, not from human error — The Machine Just Won’t Do It’s Job! What is the point of acquiring all of these essential components for production to just come to a stand still? Ugh!

There’s a Faulty Cog in the Machine!

And what is it? In this case, we have been haunted by the ever-so-fun crackling, clicking and popping that occurs during playback. When this occurs it delaying the tracks being played, making it impossible to make music. Not to mention, the error messages that cannot be logically explained. Sometimes unplugging everything and restarting the computer works, sometimes it doesn’t. And sometimes these problems occur when trying to use backing tracks during a live performance, so the luxury of troubleshooting is not allotted because of time constraints in a live situation. During music production, there is at least the opportunity to research and resume your work. But this is unacceptable. Have we become so advanced in technology that simple tasks we expect the computer to perform cannot be accomplished? Maybe it’s a metaphor, a lesson from life saying, “step back and chill out for a minute”. Anyone who is a parent knows that when the baby won’t stop crying and you have frantically tried everything, it takes stepping away for a moment to breathe and think.

Friend or Foe?

Both. We rely on technology to get things done, and our personal skills are competing with its functions like a ridiculous arms race. Here is my advice as a borderline Gen X’er and Millennial: utilize your resources, know how to troubleshoot, don’t get too fancy unless you know what you’re doing, and keep forging on. When the digital stuff fails, step away and keep working on something else. Keep doing your research. Keep learning. Keep creating. Try to remain positive and inspired even when you feel yourself becoming discouraged. There is always a solution, a workaround, or an alternate method. In short, never give up. I wish I had the answers to the specific technological problem like the one I’m having with my DAW, but I only have advice on the emotional aspect; so keep calm and keep making music. It will all be fine. Somehow.