Shannon Renée Callahan has been involved in the creative and performing arts since childhood. She took up piano when she was 8 and performed in the National Piano Guild. She was a dancer for nearly 15 years, winning the National Exchange Club at age 9, performing on the Fox Family Channel’s musical game show Great Pretenders at age 13, and attending the Orange County High School of the Arts in the commercial dance department. During high school, she was also a Los Angeles Spark Kid for two seasons and was a halftime dancer for the Women’s World Cup and Los Angeles Lakers.

Shannon Renée - Planet MischiefDrawing and painting has been another passion of Shannon’s. From pencil sketches to oil paintings, and now taking it a step further into the digital realm, it has become a vital part of her overall artistry and something that has been integral for the design aspect of Planet Mischief.

Her musical journey continued when she took up guitar in 2004, with drums soon to follow. She has been the singer in bands splinterVenus and Unrule, and now sings, plays rhythm guitar, and keyboard in Cut Elements. Joining Cut Elements was the starting point that led her to team up with band mate Jaime to develop Planet Mischief into what is now a full blown music production company.