Getting out of your own head

Making music is such a journey. Like other jobs, it too takes a strong work ethic to maintain consistency with your abilities and then strengthen them, refine them. But to make music, there must be inspiration and the ability to stay out of your own way and let the magic flow! Talking to you, ego. As musicians and producers we can get wrapped up in each detail: Is this good enough? Will others hate it? Should I change this? I say, NO. Or at least, hold off. Keep going and moving forward. Becoming a harsh critic to your own creativity will in turn seize your creativity.

The proof is in the pudding… is in the eating

How do you know what you are creating is any good without giving it a chance? Yes, it can be a vulnerable thing putting your music out there. And you can’t always predict what “your music” really is, as it is a constantly evolving thing… hopefully! So you must be with the changes while having an open mind. Now, I am certainly not saying everything you will create will be gold, but here’s the deal. If you remain open to what is coming from your soul there are a couple things that could occur:

  • By allowing the music you are creating to flow without discrimination, you will have an abundance of material to reflect on later. Often times, you will assess your work from a different vantage point and figure out what works and what doesn’t. This is a constructive part of the music writing process.
  • By not roadblocking each idea you have, you can pass the threshold and release something even greater that needed to get out, but may not have because you were too skeptical.

Like I said, not everything will be your best work. But by getting it out, listening to it with an open mind, and letting others hear it, you open yourself up to joining the upper echelon of your music, to yourself, and in the eyes of others.

Sabotaging your work

There are two things that I find become obstacles for me. 1) I can get embarrassed about what I have just created. Maybe its different than what I’m used to. Maybe I don’t even really like it. 2) The dreaded writers’ block. I have already discussed how to overcome the first hurdle. But how does a creative person overcome writers’ block, when the inspiration truly isn’t there? Something to start with is chilling the F*** out. Music, as stated before, is a journey. Without an ebb, there is no flow. Maybe finding new inspiration is required. Jaime has written about this topic in the past as well, because sometimes you need to seek out that new inspiring motive. Because, again, music is not a normal job with a clear conception of the task or even the deadline. By removing the mindset that something has to get done a certain or by a certain time makes room for your ideas to manifest on their own. That is when inspiration can hit you.