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Category: Professionalism

Being A Professional Musician | Setting Your Standards Higher

The difference between professional musicians and part-timers There seems to be a disconnect between musicians’ attitudes about their value and the effort their putting forth. As such, there is a wormhole they fall into and I’d like to discuss these issues here: What does being a musician mean to you?  Does it involve having a day …

Live Performance by Cut Elements band

Professional Bands Versus Garage Bands

Band Loyalty We all know the story. In high school, buddies get together and rock out, hoping they will one day be rock stars. They practice loud, they stick to what they like to listen to, and they are in it to make it as a band, as friends. This, “leave no man behind” mentality is …

Jaime of Planet Mischief having a beer while djing

The Best Time To Have A Drink | Musicians and Drinking Alcohol

To drink or not to drink So I spent the last 3 months getting ready to get on stage. Countless hours of exercise even more hours of practice and sacrificing a good time out with the boys just to make sure my chops are solid and I look great on stage. Well, more like look …

Cut Elements band works on an acoustic set at the planet mischief headquarters

Seeking a Music Career | Societal Shaming

Choosing to be a musician Musicians, namely rock musicians, are often associated with a life of partying and no limits. Rock stars are known to trash hotel rooms, drink and get loaded, stay up all hours of the night, and shirk normal day‐to‐day responsibilities. This is true for some, but not for all people who …