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Category: Behavior & Attitude

Being A Professional Musician | Setting Your Standards Higher

The difference between professional musicians and part-timers There seems to be a disconnect between musicians’ attitudes about their value and the effort their putting forth. As such, there is a wormhole they fall into and I’d like to discuss these issues here: What does being a musician mean to you?  Does it involve having a day …

Hollywood Venues on the Sunset Strip

Writing Music | Standing Out Above The Crowd

What it’s like as an up-and-comer Many of my peers and I have noticed that growing up with the thirst for writing music comes with many setbacks. Here are some reasons: no one takes you seriously you are writing your own music that no one has heard yet you’re work ethic has room for improvement …

Chris Cornell

Depression In Musicians | Reflecting On Chris Cornell’s Death And The Temperament of Artists

Falling On Black Days As you may have already heard, legendary rocker Chris Cornell is gone. People are grieving everywhere as he was a staple of the 90s rock scene and continued to be an icon as a singer and musician until the day he died. It is noted by medical examiners that he hung himself …