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Orange County School of the Arts Building in Orange County

Music Education | Lack of Community Support

Why are music programs dwindling? Music education was once instilled in the public education system as – not only a desired option – but a necessary program for children’s enrichment. Slowly, however, support for these programs has gone on the decline. With diminished support for music education, children are suffering from this lack of an outlet …

Cut Elements band works on an acoustic set at the planet mischief headquarters

Seeking a Music Career | Societal Shaming

Choosing to be a musician Musicians, namely rock musicians, are often associated with a life of partying and no limits. Rock stars are known to trash hotel rooms, drink and get loaded, stay up all hours of the night, and shirk normal day‐to‐day responsibilities. This is true for some, but not for all people who …

Shannon doing sound design with some corn

The Beat of My Own Drum

When you need that extra something Getting into electronic music about 10 years ago opened up all sorts of possibilities in songwriting for me. Taking the mentality of a sound designer, composer and producer instead of just a songwriter takes things to a whole new level. Sometimes it’s easy to feel limited to the instruments that …

Where does your inspiration come from?

Where Does Your Inspiration Come From

I’ve been stuck on this tune for days Sometimes the music just pours out like piss after too many beers at the Red Lion.  Then there are those days when I start off with a great idea and eventually hit a point where nothing comes out anymore.  I try the usual things, like stepping away …

Jaime Morales - Producer/songwriter and drummer at Planet Mischief

Jaime Morales

Jaime Morales, drummer and founder of Planet Mischief, has had a seasoned musical journey that began by playing trumpet in 6th grade and drums in 9th grade. 9th grade is also when he met fellow musician and band mate, Frank Lima, both playing trumpet at Belmont High School and Verdugo Hills High School. He has …

Shannon at the Piano

Shannon Renée

Shannon Renée has been involved in the creative and performing arts since childhood. She took up piano when she was 8 and performed in the National Piano Guild. She was a dancer for nearly 15 years, winning the National Exchange Club at age 9, performing on the Fox Family Channel’s musical game show Great Pretenders …