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Music Production Issues | When Technology Lets You Down

Music Production Has Halted So. You’ve broken the bank to acquire all the gear and software you need for your music production startup. You’ve spent tireless nights learning new tools. You’ve spent emotional and physical energy making music that you believe is worth a damn. But now, Logic Pro X, or your other DAW (digital …

Live Performance by Cut Elements band

Professional Bands Versus Garage Bands

Band Loyalty We all know the story. In high school, buddies get together and rock out, hoping they will one day be rock stars. They practice loud, they stick to what they like to listen to, and they are in it to make it as a band, as friends. This, “leave no man behind” mentality is …

Chris Cornell

Depression In Musicians | Reflecting On Chris Cornell’s Death And The Temperament of Artists

Falling On Black Days As you may have already heard, legendary rocker Chris Cornell is gone. People are grieving everywhere as he was a staple of the 90s rock scene and continued to be an icon as a singer and musician until the day he died. It is noted by medical examiners that he hung himself …

Jaime working with Locke High School at LAUSD Band Championships

Musical Athletes

Why not call us Musical Athletes? Marching band was a big part of my life for a long time.  I spent every day in high school working on becoming a better player so that we, as a team, could end the year with another championship banner and trophy.  We did what athletes do and we …

When are we too old school for school?

Too Old School For School

Is it too late for me to become the proud recipient of a piece of paper that tells the world I am in debt?  I would love to be able to get my hands on one, but do I really need one?  Do I want to be that old fella sitting in a classroom filled …

My beautiful and trusty piano

Music From A Psychosocial Approach | How We Function Better With Music

Music brings empathy Sometimes we go through painful experiences and have no one in our immediate family or acquaintances to speak with. Music has a way of being there for us when we are alone, in pain, or even happy as can be.  I personally like to make music as a means of expression, and use …

Mitchell Acoustic/Electric Guitar

Don’t Be Your Own Roadblock

Getting out of your own head Making music is such a journey. Like other jobs, it too takes a strong work ethic to maintain consistency with your abilities and then strengthen them, refine them. But to make music, there must be inspiration and the ability to stay out of your own way and let the …

Planet Mischief - Streets of South Central

Music that inspires more music

Walking down the streets of South Central Los Angeles as a kid listening to cuts from Slayer’s Seasons in the Abyss as well as the many different styles of music that roared from cars passing by and hifi stereo systems blasting out the windows of my neighborhood, was and is music that inspires the sound I …

Jaime of Planet Mischief having a beer while djing

The Best Time To Have A Drink | Musicians and Drinking Alcohol

To drink or not to drink So I spent the last 3 months getting ready to get on stage. Countless hours of exercise even more hours of practice and sacrificing a good time out with the boys just to make sure my chops are solid and I look great on stage. Well, more like look …