We Are Planet Mischief

Jaime Morales

Jaime Morales of Planet Mischief Getting Show ReadyJaime Morales, drummer and founder of Planet Mischief, has had a seasoned musical journey that began by playing trumpet in 6th grade and drums in 9th grade. 9th grade is also when he met fellow musician and band mate, Frank Lima, both playing trumpet at Belmont High School and Verdugo Hills High School. He has also been a music teacher, enabling him to bestow his love and knowledge of music onto other developing musicians. read more

Shannon Renée

Shannon Renée Shopping for a New GuitarShannon Renée has been involved in the creative and performing arts since childhood. She took up piano when she was 8 and performed in the National Piano Guild. She was a dancer for nearly 15 years, winning the National Exchange Club at age 9, performing on the Fox Family Channel’s musical game show Great Pretenders at age 13, and attending the Orange County High School of the Arts in the commercial dance department. read more