Music brings empathy

Sometimes we go through painful experiences and have no one in our immediate family or acquaintances to speak with. Music has a way of being there for us when we are alone, in pain, or even happy as can be.  I personally like to make music as a means of expression, and use music to aid in understanding the journey of another person, which in turn, helps me define my own experiences. I feel that the language of music ties us all in through our emotional experiences. Like reading a novel, I can get a sense of what someone else is going through. Making and listening to music both have something to offer me that allows me to function better in society. It allows for both the release of emotion, and the comprehension of a situation.  I turn to music when I am at a loss for words, when I feel pain, when I am elated, and as a way to relax. Sometimes it provides answers to questions I didn’t know I even had.

Shannon noodling around on the guitarMaking music as a means of expression

Making music allows my senses to unwind through the assimilation of sequences, rhythms, melodies, harmonies, etc. In an ineffable way, the music creates answers to questions, and provides meaning to the incomprehensible. When I sit at my piano and just start playing some notes, they become meaningful patterns that spark emotions that prompt words to come out. I don’t always anticipate this happening but the vulnerability to become a medium for this to occur is often cathartic. And the great part is, I have a new song!

Listening to music as a means of understanding

Listening to music allows me to take a step away from my immediate perspective. Life has its curveballs and music is for many people a release from some unwanted experiences. Music with lyrics allows a person to learn of another person’s perspective, bringing a greater understanding of others. We all share many of the same experiences, and sometimes have not encountered what someone else has gone through. We can gain empathy when we hear others bear their emotion through a story in to their music. It opens us up to feeling their pain, or understanding the behaviors of others that sometimes in life go misunderstood.