Jaime and Shannon of Planet Mischief with Frank Lima, Guitarist of Cut Elements

Jaime and Shannon of Planet Mischief with Frank Lima, Guitarist of Cut Elements

Planet Mischief

Planet Mischief is a multifaceted music production company co-owned/operated by Jaime Morales and Shannon Callahan. As musicians, writers, and producers, they are involved in various aspects of the music and production processes. This includes writing music for live performances and composing music to be used in film, television, video games, or any digital media.

Both Jaime and Shannon have circulated the music scene for well over a decade. They have been in the Hollywood circuit playing gigs at The Whiskey A Go Go, The Viper Room, and The Roxy, among others, and continue their love of performing to this day. The Hit Joint Rehearsal and Recording Studio serves as Planet Mischief’s headquarters. The studio has welcomed musicians from local and national touring bands, and at any time, you might find members of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Haim, Dead Sara and many more working out new songs or laying down tracks. Planet Mischief basically exists in a musician’s heaven.

As the roster of musicians Planet Mischief works with grows, the aim is to set the standard of what a professional musician truly is. While the public often looks to “blame the music industry,” Planet Mischief believes the focus needs to be on musicians themselves to enact change. With a struggle to be taken seriously, musicians must be their own driving force, while Planet Mischief creates the environment for this to be possible.

Planet Mischief is dedicated to both the performance aspect, the composition aspect, and the development of the individual artist/band/performer. In the performance sense, they are able to design an entire show from music to lighting to costuming. Every band that is brought in under Planet Mischief goes through a rigorous interview and audition process. Throughout the entire process, Jaime and Shannon are hands-on with the musicians, training them not only in their craft, but also leading by example in the way they interact and carry themselves, both in and out of the industry.

As two multi-talented individuals with varying skill sets, Jaime and Shannon offer a unique experience with Planet Mischief that is unparalleled.


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